Monday, April 25, 2011

An Ode to N-City

So this is dedicated to my time down in National City this past weekend. I went down there to visit a friend, and to keep me entertained he decided to have me partake in the festivities of the town. National City is down by San Diego, and N-city was your classic hole-in-the wall.  We were definitely at the younger end of the age spectrum of the crowd that was in attendance.

The good thing about hole-in-the walls are the drinks and the DJ, not to mention the things that can be seen.  First of all, if you are wearing Coogi from head to toe, then you shouldn't be using an elastic band to keep your glasses on since you broke part of the frame and it's missing.  Also, I believe that everything is not meant for everybody, as far as clothing goes.  Spandex may have been created by the devil and there were some individuals who apparently sold their souls to him for that fabric. If my phone wasn't dead my facebook status updates would have been on fire.  I guess I wasn't meant to chronicle the night while it was happening.

I had a drink called 911.  Initially I was scared because of the name, but I've never met a drink that I couldn't handle.  Still don't know what was in this drink but it didn't have a strong liquor taste but definitely provided me with my happy juice that I needed.  911's made me have an appreciation for dancing in the 7-11 parking lot to loud music from cars.  After 2 of those drinks I wanted to pretend to be 21 to see what kind of fun or trouble I may get into. 

I use to have a few good hole in the walls near me that I would frequent.  I haven't done so in awhile and think I might need to bring that part of my life back.  Every time that I have been I have enjoyed myself due to the laid-back atmosphere, good drinks, and of course the patrons. During my travels in the next couple of months I shall be on a quest to find the hole-in-the wall spot that each city has to offer. Time for me to focus and do some reading until next week Monday.

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  1. Please....come back to SD! I have many more "HOLE-N-THE-WALL" spots for you!
    Starting with:
    Star Gazers
    Round Table
    Trophy Lounge
    Diamond Jim's
    and the list keeps on!

    Good reading!