Monday, April 11, 2011

The law of attraction

Some time ago I went to this business workshop where one of the speakers spoke about a vision board. I had heard of this before but had never created one of my own. Some people say that if you you write things down or put your actual visions down then you will be more likely to attain your goals.  Eventually, I went on to create my vision board and still have it up now because I'm still currently working on these goals. A friend heard about my vision board and proceeded to ask me if I had seen the Secret or read the book that the movie was based on.  The basic premise of the Secret is that the world is based on the law of attraction. Depending upon the energy you put out you can attract either positive or negative things to your life. 

When I was a senior in high school I wrote how I expected my life to be 10 years later in my senior memory book. I said I was going to either be an orthopedic surgeon or sports agent, live in a house, and have 2-3 kids by then.  Apparently, some of those things occurred, but the rest are yet to come.  If you can continuously think of something and keep it on the forefront of your mind, then I feel you might be more likely to continue working at it.  There are those people who always say bad things happen to them and they have bad luck; I don't believe they have bad luck I just believe that by them having those thoughts they attract bad things towards themselves.  If you can change your outlook, you can potentially change your world.  I'm currently trying to practice that, so I'll let you guys now how that goes.

1. I hate when people judge a book by it's cover.  Sometimes you should try to read a few pages of the book so that you can actually know what it is about. Some people think they have you all figured out when  actually their thoughts aren't even close when it comes to the person you are.

2. As opposed to complaining and saying what others aren't doing and things suck, how about you do something to make a change. I never complain about things that I myself am not willing to work towards changing.  Everyone has a lot to say but they aren't willing to put their money where their mouth is or actually do something to create a better situation. That irks me so much.

3. I finally gave in and watched the youtube dance videos by some chick named Ices. Apparently she is very popular and had 2.6 million views of her videos. She inspired me to buy my flip video on the look out for "Olu, up close and personal".

4. Is upset that J. Cole is performing on Rihannas tour. I refuse to buy a ticket and be subject to her performance. I saw it live once and I said never again. I guess Jermaine and I will have to wait until another time to meet up close and personal.

5. I think I'll start saving my rants and release them once a month just so I can release them from my system...That is all for now, I have television to watch and plans to make.

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