Monday, April 18, 2011

I got a zest for life

I'm convinced that if I continue to go at the pace that I'm going that when I die I would have lived enough for two lifetimes.  My mother told me I need to slow down but all I can think about is "giving it gas, and no brakes".  I probably am trying to overcompensate for something that is lacking in my life.  If I felt like paying someone or actually talking about it maybe I could find out what it is.  But truth be told, I rather not.

I figure if I can continue to do the things that bring me happiness then that's all that matters, right??? It's worked for me thus far so I think I'll still keep on doing what I'm doing. Me doing what I'm doing sometimes means that I'll be doing it by myself, but when I think back on the peaks of my life a lot of those things were done by myself, so I feel right at home being solo dolo.

Besides, what it considered to be doing too much? Sometimes a person may feel as though they aren't doing enough.  It's all so subjective. In 2 Ways by Lupe Fiasco he summed it up for me:

All you see is all my flights
Well all I see is all my falls
All you see is all my rights
All I see is all my wrongs

I think I have officially gone off on a tangent that only I will understand...I apologize.  It's just a part of all the random thoughts that continuously fill my mind.  Since I've decided to actually focus on class while in class tonight, I guess I'll have to end now. See you next Monday.

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