Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ma'am please step to the side

I recently returned from Peru and absolutely loved the country, the food and the people.  Since I love all things travel, I also love shows that are related to travel and one of those is "Locked up Abroad". The entire time while I'm there I keep imaging and of course saying out loud that particular places are where I would hide if I were smuggling drugs. Of course, I only told my travel partner this and tried not to say it when there were others around.  

After an 8 hour flight from Lima to LAX I just knew customs would be a breeze since I recently had signed up for the Global Entry Pass.  Yes, I love all things travel related, except for the long lines at customs.  As I breeze though customs I am overly excited about how quickly everything is moving.  I was initially approached by Custom and Border patrol agents before I can even get a chance to look for my luggage.  The usual questions are asked, "where are you coming from" and "are you traveling with anyone else"? Of course, I answer and grab my bags and continue to listen to "Happy" by Pharrell. I finally make it to the exit and am politely told to go the right and then two officers come along side of me to escort me for a secondary search.  

At that moment I realized that talking about "Locked up Abroad" the entire trip might not have been a good thing.  As they make me empty out the contents of my luggage I see my travel partner also get escorted in to the room and say to me "it's all your fault because you kept talking about this". As they proceed to go through every thing that I brought back with me I am relieved by the fact that I didn't smuggle any type of drugs back with me and that I packed my own bag.  The most hilarious part was when I was asked if I had brought more than $10,000 in American money with me.  I had to laugh because I didn't even have a single US dollar in my pocket.  I did have some Peruvian money, but I figured they wouldn't care about that.  I can say that the show did help me prepare for my secondary search, but I think that this experience was one I could have done without. 

Allow me to reintroduce myself

I almost completely forgot that I had a blog, since it has been over 2 years since I last posted anything. While on one of my just because Miami trips I was reminded of this blog after reminiscing with a friend from college. Yes, it is all about the U and will always be about the U!!! I bleed orange and green. Now that I'm done with my University of Miami promo I can get back to the reason why I came back.

 I figure we all have a lot to say and all need a way to express ourselves.  My creative side has been lacking for some time and I think that I need to change that ASAP. Writing was something that I did almost daily while in high school and continued through college. Sometimes the thoughts just need to come out of your head so that you can clear up some space.

The past two years have been filled with trips to a few places and have involved me trying to enjoy life te best way I know how. I've recently decided to become semi retired in order to focus on my other random things that don't involve my actual line of work.  I figured I was too young to be fully retired, so a semi-retired state seems like the best thing for me.  Hopefully I can keep this blog thing up and stay consistent and post how semi-retired life is treating me.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Homecoming Part 1

So after 32 long years, I have finally booked a plane ticket to go back for a visit to Nigeria. As I begin to think about this trip I am overcome with emotions and questions. How will it be? Will I like it? What family will I meet? Etc...

Excitement and anxiousness are the top two emotions that I feel.  I'm just looking forward to chronicling this chapter in my life through words and via pictures. If I plan on being aphotographer in my second career, this might be the first start of my practice, while on the continent the birth me.  Let the count down begin.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Observation

I just made an observation recently that men have feelings too.

Him: Did you forget something?
Me: Not that I can think of...OMG, it was your birthday last week.  I can't believe I forgot.

So it is apparent that sometimes I am unaware that members of the opposite sex have feelings also. Considering this person doesn't make a big deal about his birthday or ever do anything to celebrate the date, I was completely shocked when he made mention about me forgetting it.  Of course, I also felt like the suckiest friend ever since I consider my birthday a national holiday. 

Despite the fact that I've noticed that some men may not completely express their feelings, I am aware that their actions definitely say more than their words could ever say. Even though he may claim that he isn't listening to what is being said, the fact that you actually act on things that I've made mention of or focus on things that I have an interest in lets me know that you do listen.
I guess that men might express themselves more through their actions, while women may do so through their words.

Monday, August 19, 2013

So Apparently I'm a drug dealer

So for some reason random things seem to happen to me.  They are random to the point that they just sound ridiculous.  Today was such an example of that.  Today as I proceeded to go to the gym while minding my own business I was harassed by someone who is certified 51/50 or should I just say...Crazy. As I walk through my complex this is what happens:

Her: Are you going to run, how do you have time for that?

Me: I'm going to the gym.

Her: You know they sell drugs at that gym, so you know what that makes you...A drug dealer. How can the gym afford to only charge $10 if they aren't selling drugs.

Me: (In complete silence because I know realize she isn't wrapped to tight).

Her: You should take my zumba class or samba. Say no to the treadmill!

Me: (Still in complete silence).

Her: Dumb Ass! Dumb Ass!

Me: (Continuing to ignore her as I look for things that can be used at weapons in case she decided to attack).

So like my title says, apparently I'm a drug dealer. Well, at least I am if you ask the women with mental issues.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

26 weeks -Week 1-

Week 1
I've decided to embark on my journey of completing 26.2 miles  and particpate in the Los Angeles Marathon that takes place March 18, 2012.  This week began my training and my legs are sore.  I don't think that I have ever experienced soreness like this in my life.  I guess this will gradually go away as my trianing continues. Kristen and I were surprised at the pace group we ended up being placed in.  It's a slight improvement from the pace gorup that I was in last year.  We shall see how it goes.  I'm excited and scared at the same time.

Week 2
I actually showed back up with the mindset that 4 miles was just one mile more than 3. I am convinced that it is a cult and I am trying to decide if I want to be a member. Kristen and I finished it in under an hour with relative ease.  Well other than that nagging pain in my right foot 3rd toe.  I gotta figure out a way to make this work since I have at least 24 more weeks to go. Next week is just 1 extra mile and mentally I'm ready, I just have to added the physical part to it so I can endure. It's been a minute since I've done 5 miles.  Almost a year to be exact.

Week 3
5 miles officially down. 1 more mile than 4. I survived without my body hating me in the end. Those midday workouts are the truth.  Kristen and I are gradually beginning to buy into this cult, since we are definitely convinced that people who run when there is nothing chasing them have to be in some mind altering state. My foot held up, but that left leg was another story.  The quest will continue.

The sad part is that I fell off with my training and fell off with this blog, but still completed it.  Seeing this draft brought a smile to my face and any time that happens I'm happy. It's nice to have a moment of reflection.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mile 18

So this weekend I finally crossed completing the LA Marathon off of my bucket list that lives in my laundry closet.  I probably could have trained more, since the farthest distant that I ran for this particular race was 9 miles.  I probably should have carried some type of anti-inflammatory because after awhile my body decided that it was tired and ready to go home.

It was almost midnight the day before Roadrunners training was set to began when I decided to join the training program and sign up for the marathon way back in September 2011.  The farthest distant I had done prior to this was a half marathon in 10/2010. I knew if I bought the marathon at the same time as the training then I would be guaranteed to show up to the marathon.  My first day there I met another person who was just like me, Kristen. She decided it was on her bucket list and signed up that morning.  Her and I began out in the same pace group and we eventually fell off with our formal training, but we both showed up on race day.  Knowing that we had made it through the six months of training and actually showed up on race day put a smile on my face.

I started the race with a new pace group because my other goal besides making it to the finish line for my medal was to not get carted away by the medical support staff.  In my mind I was flying.  I hit mile 13 which is almost enough for a half marathon and felt great.  I felt so good that I told my mother and sister to hurry up or I was going to pass the designated meet up area.  Everything was going well until I hit mile 18.  Mile 18 felt like my body put the brakes on the running and damn near put the brakes on walking.  I knew after I passed mile 13 that I was in uncharted territory and was nervous about how my body would respond.  I think this is the first time that I actually hit that wall that I've heard athletes talk about.

From mile 18-25.0 I officially crossed over to the realm of walking and taking in  a leisurely tour of the city, I even decided to finally take a potty break.  At about mile 25 I looked over at the medical station and saw the biggest bottle of aspirin I had seen in my life and I felt like my prayers were answered.  I immediately made my way there to ask for some pain meds. Even though I only got Advil, it felt like I was given dilaudid, percocet and morphine. After about 15 minutes or so the meds kicked in and I was able to walk like a chick who hadn't already finished 25 miles.  I felt so good I decided to sprint my way in.  I'm not sure if it was the fact that I knew I was close to the 26 mile mark, the endorphins, or that good ol Advil, but the beast came alive and I once again felt great. As I was coming in I kept myself form crying despite the fact that I was feeling very emotional and for those who know me that means this must have been major. 

As far as today goes, 2 days after the marathon, my body is still rebelling.  I've never experienced pain in my thighs like this before. I feel like someone punched my outer thighs.  I can't take stairs because it almost brings me to the point of tears.  The only thing that keeps me going right now is the gleam that comes off my medal and my cute shirt that says 26.2.  I read somewhere that less than 1% of the population will ever complete a marathon. I guess I'm apart of that 1% and knowing that feels good despite wanting to cry every time I stand up and walk.

And before I leave I have to give a shout out to Black Girls Run.  I never knew that there were like minded women of color who didn't think that doing long distances of running was crazy.  Seeing them between miles 19 and 20 was an added boost of encouragement. I can wait to log some more miles with them on a  Saturday run.