Monday, August 19, 2013

So Apparently I'm a drug dealer

So for some reason random things seem to happen to me.  They are random to the point that they just sound ridiculous.  Today was such an example of that.  Today as I proceeded to go to the gym while minding my own business I was harassed by someone who is certified 51/50 or should I just say...Crazy. As I walk through my complex this is what happens:

Her: Are you going to run, how do you have time for that?

Me: I'm going to the gym.

Her: You know they sell drugs at that gym, so you know what that makes you...A drug dealer. How can the gym afford to only charge $10 if they aren't selling drugs.

Me: (In complete silence because I know realize she isn't wrapped to tight).

Her: You should take my zumba class or samba. Say no to the treadmill!

Me: (Still in complete silence).

Her: Dumb Ass! Dumb Ass!

Me: (Continuing to ignore her as I look for things that can be used at weapons in case she decided to attack).

So like my title says, apparently I'm a drug dealer. Well, at least I am if you ask the women with mental issues.

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