Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Observation

I just made an observation recently that men have feelings too.

Him: Did you forget something?
Me: Not that I can think of...OMG, it was your birthday last week.  I can't believe I forgot.

So it is apparent that sometimes I am unaware that members of the opposite sex have feelings also. Considering this person doesn't make a big deal about his birthday or ever do anything to celebrate the date, I was completely shocked when he made mention about me forgetting it.  Of course, I also felt like the suckiest friend ever since I consider my birthday a national holiday. 

Despite the fact that I've noticed that some men may not completely express their feelings, I am aware that their actions definitely say more than their words could ever say. Even though he may claim that he isn't listening to what is being said, the fact that you actually act on things that I've made mention of or focus on things that I have an interest in lets me know that you do listen.
I guess that men might express themselves more through their actions, while women may do so through their words.

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