Monday, May 2, 2011

Know your role and accept who you are

For awhile I think I've been denying who I am as opposed to accepting the person that I have grown up to be.  I like to shop, I like to travel, and I enjoy being outside of my house more than I enjoy being inside.  But for some reason when others mention those same things to me I try to deny those characteristics that describe me. 

Just as I should accept my role, I am learning to accept others for who they are.  People will show you who they are, you just have to be willing to listen to them and not make excuses for who they are.  I'm gradually realizing that certain personalities will not work with me being who I am.  I understand that they say that opposites attract but I can only accept a person being so far too the left of where I am. 

People need to know their role in your life. Some people are meant to be major players or even game changers, and some are just meant to be place-holders for the people who will have meaning to your life.  I think I'm tired of the place-holders. I do appreciate them for their time but as my mother told me this week " you need to up the stakes since you're not getting any younger".  I tell you words by Felicia are a great thing. You gotta love her truths and her views on life.

Since my summer session is beginning, and I think I'm coming down with a possible cold, I'll cut this one short so that I can rest and be ready for my 5 AM wakeup call. Swanky.

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  1. Thumbs up. Know your role is my motto. I think i feel an inspirational fb post coming on. you rock olu.