Monday, March 14, 2011

The Words I Never Said

Shout out to Lupe Fiasco and Lasers for giving me some things to think about. "It's so loud inside my head, filled with words I should have said". I realize at times people keep things to them self, when they should be let out for the world to hear. The words that you might say might just be the thing that someone needs to hear. I know I'm guilty of keeping many words inside my head. I'm going to make an effort in trying to reach out to those who I care for and placing my time in those that actually matter and ignoring those who need to be ignored. It's not too much time before Tuesday begins, so I guess I'm done for this week.
TOP 5 Randomness with a bonus 2*

1. Driving: I love the concept of driving and can relate it to my life. Through my rear view I see my past, through the windshield I see my future, and the present is at my sides. Upgrades and downgrades will occur and possibly accidents.

2.Biggie died 14 years ago on March 9, 1997. His killer has yet to be found. Can you imagine how music would be today if he was still here. Would Jay-Z be as big as he is on the east coast.

3. I always wondered if I was a rapper would I be able to create a double entendre, or maybe even a triple entendre. A double entendre for those of you who do not know is a phrase that can be understood in two ways. For example " I move keys, you can call me the piano man". Plating a piano involves moving the keys and moving keys of cocaine would get you the name of piano man because you are moving keys (even though they are keys of coke). Jay-Z does this best or at least the most often which is why I enjoy listening to him and hip-hop as a whole. I like to see what creative way a person may put their words.

4.Is gradually realizing that despite my mind rambling, I am somehow able to get things done in a timely fashion.
5.I've always played video games but took a hiatus for about 10-15 years. Guess what....I'm back. I figured I would make the announcement that DJ Hero has supported my decision in choosing to pursue my djing career. My name is DJ Haute Fiyah (insert siren now).

*This bonus is for Ken since he called me out for not officially having a top 5. He gets the gold star for paying attention.

**I advise for everyone to explore their surroundings. In the past two weeks I have been and seen many places in LA that I have not seen during my 29 years in this country. I've learned alot about the history of downtown in addition to the Hollywood area and Santa Monica. Take a tour people. Enjoy our city and our state.

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