Monday, March 7, 2011

The Rules

So while having a conversation with a male friend we began to talk about the various rules of dating. Wait a few days before calling once you get someones #, wait 90 days before being intimate, wait a certain before bringing up the concept of being in a relationship, etc, etc, etc. Who came up with these rules and why should I abide by something that I didn't create. Why should I follow some arbitrary guideline that doesn't align with what I believe in. I never followed any rules, like Drake said, "I just always did my own thing". We came to the conclusion that rules don't and shouldn't apply to everyone. Sometimes there's that chemistry or "vibing" that makes everything go out the window. I like to call it the "game changer". It's the thing that has you switching up what you do because you want to. In my opinion the only thing that I can do with rules is break them.

My week of randomness

1. Man at grocery store who I am convinced was tipsy: You know Godzilla was a love story, that gorilla was just in love with that women and ppl just didn't understand....Mind you he was talking to himself the entire time which just adds to the hilarity.

2. Discovery of a great concoction: Pomegrante vodka and lemonade from Jack N the Box. Try it. It'll change you life, or at least your night.

3.Hustle men in Hollywood and Beverly hills: Please refrain from assuming that I will want to buy your product just because you're black. I'm all for supporting an up-and-coming person but I refuse to support crap, especially from a rude a-hole. #that is all

I'm done for my Monday night talk. Let's see if I show back up next week.

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