Monday, March 21, 2011

I lie to you, because I love you.

For some reason this line from Baby Boy popped into my head. "I lie to you because I love you, but I tell the other ones the truth", was kinda how the line went. That's a bunch of nonsense if I ever heard of any such thing. If you love me you should be willing to tell me the truth, regardless of what the consequences may be.  At least that way I'll be able to make an informed decision on what I should do with you. This can go for any type of relationship: work, friendship, marriage.

Without honesty or truth, what do you really have? If you can't take a person based off of the things that come out of their mouth, then there really is no purpose in trying to wait to see if their actions will back them up. So you love me and feel that it's best to lie to me, because you feel I couldn't handle the truth. The saying probably is more like, "I lie to you because if I told you the truth, my truth would be that you would leave me". I can handle the truth, because at least that let's me know that you still have enough integrity to hone up to your mistakes.  A person that realizes their mistakes, and is willing to work on them, shows me that there is the possibility for reconciliation.

Lets be honest, the real reason why you lie is because you're selfish. Selfish people make decisions for others without consulting them.  I rather you not be selfish and choose honesty. In the long run I think it would probably work out for the best, or it might not.
Top 5

1. 03.15.2011- Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale passed away. When I think back to the songs of my youth and even more recent songs, if Nate was on the hook, it was almost a guaranteed hit. 41 is too young for a life to end. I always thought that if I created a song Nate would sing the hook, Dre would produce it, and Swizz Beats would do the remix. I guess I gotta go back to the drawing board for my album.

2. I think that is unfair that married people don't wear their wedding rings.  It's a waste of my time to put in effort to try to find out about you, to just find out later that you are married.  At least if you had your ring on , the "not available" or "no vacancy" sign would be up so I could just keep it pushing. #IJS (I'm just saying).

3. Dear producers of MTV, you owe me an apology. When reality TV first appeared with the Real World I enjoyed it, but now thanks to that show, everything on TV is reality TV. No one cares about people living in a house in Jersey; or people who claim that they are wives, when in most cases they were just the glorified jump-off. Damn it, they should record my reality or some people who at least matter. Show people with real jobs and real struggles. I can appreciate Extreme home makeover or Undercover Millionaire as opposed to Bad Girls Club or any housewife show. Not to say that I don't watch it, it's just that I'm tired of it.

4. I am still upset that the clouds in Los Angeles blocked me from seeing the supermoon on Saturday evening. I really don't want to have to wait another 18 years for the moon to get that close again. Dear Los Angeles suck!!!

5. Still wants a shirt that says "Chocolate Deluxe". I remember listening to that Wu-Tang song thinking what flavor I would be.  I am definitely not a mocha, or vanilla bean. Chocolate Deluxe fits me so well. I tried searching for the shirt but was unsuccessful. I will keep looking and when I find one, watch out!


  1. #5 hahahaha
    I was just on ebay looking for one in an XL

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