Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adventures in Dating Part 1/5

So after awhile of feeling that I needed something more in my life I decided to sign up with a matchmaker and allow someone else the task of finding me a date.  10/03/2011 was the first of five.  I arrived just 5 minutes earlier than our scheduled time and asked for a table for two.  I so felt like I was in a television show since that is what I've always seen done. Eventually "my date" shows up slightly late (only like 5 minutes, but we live in LA so with our traffic that was still pretty good.  Of course he was a transport, which means that he was born and raised somewhere else, but then moved to California.

Initially there were the awkward moments of silence and the questions about the usual stuff, but eventually it felt like I was talking to someone that I had known for awhile.  The experience went better than expected.  Not sure if I found love, but I certainly found a new place to satisfy my food cravings for tiramisu.

This dating thing is quite interesting.  How is someone with a full-time job and other life responsibilities expected to find another human being that they are compatible with in the span of a 24 hour day?  I'm just saying, maybe if I worked part time then I would have time to focus on this aspect of my life.  I'm looking forward to date 2/5 to see how that goes, in addition to experiencing a new food location. 

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