Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The numbers game

I'm officially addicted to Sex and the City and continually try to relate their made up lives to my real life.  So to fill you in: Miranda gets diagnosed with chlamydia and is told by her doctor to contact all of her previous sexual partners.  As she tries to recollect all the people she's had sex with she come to the tally of 30 guys.  I mentioned this episode to a friend who mentioned that those were hoeish (sp) numbers for a women, but of course for a man it was just alright.

In 2011, is there such a thing as hoeish numbers and does a double standard still exist?  Do women have to lie about lower numbers just so that they aren't viewed in a negative light.  I so hate double standards because I would like to believe I could live in a world that's fair, but I know that is just a thought that will exist only in my own head.

Nothing more to add to this post, I just felt like getting this thought out of my head and putting it into the universe as I review my own personal list.

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