Thursday, June 2, 2011

Can't sell me Bullshit...I Know the prices

After my recent trip after interactions with various people I realized that I enjoy compliments from whomever with the understanding that those comments are usually just to assist them in the selling of a product of for other devious endeavors.  I guess as long as I figure that I know their intentions then they truly aren't really getting over on me.  It's comical how people think that they are providing you with what they consider important information when in reality it's just bullshit. 

There a few things in life that I can't stand; liars and bs'ers.  The reason probably is because I feel that your word is your bond and neither one of those types of people word holds any weight.  It is refreshing when some is actually being "real".  I so hate the concept of being real because I don't know exactly what it's supposed to mean.  There are many instances when "being real goes wrong".  I think Dave Chappelles skit summarized it best.

I think when I first heard the title of this blog is was in a Jay-Z song.  Gradually as I listen to things over and over again I get a better understanding, or at least my understanding of what they should be, which is the most important thing.  As I sit here in the Cleveland airport listing to Rick Ross and trying to get myself mentally prepared for Miami I'm wondering how many times this phrase will pop into my mind this weekend.  A short and sweet writing before I take another nap to fix the fact that I landed at 3:30 am Cali time. Sigh.

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