Saturday, January 16, 2010

Top 5 Violations

Tonight started off relatively well with a cool crowd in a local spot, but gradually turned into an official "hood spot". The following are a list of the top 5 things that should not occur on an outing in LA or any other city. The views had by me are not meant to offend anyone, but understand that if it applies to you maybe you should change some things.

1. I think it should be illegal for bartenders to serve alcoholic beverages to ppl with known mental illness. When liquor is involved with these individuals it can cause them to lash out by proceeding to tell someone to "back up" , then perform the blood walk, and then hit them up with their set when all you wanted them to do was to move away from the fan.

2. I know I live in Cali and it may be know for the sticky-icky, but never should your weed be so potent that I instantly become high off the contact from 30 feet away when you open up the baggie. Side note: If the club is non-smoking do you really think the bouncer can't see the cloud of smoke coming up from behind your friends back as you try to duck behind them and take a puff.

3. If you want to dance, please say so. Nudging my knee, tapping my shoulder and then walking away or pointing at the dance floor are not appealing. Enough said.

4.Even though a place may be a local spot does not make it acceptable for you to show up in sweats and flip flops. I mean it's casual but not that damn casual.

5. Never will it be acceptable in my eyes for a man to have a press and curl and then put his hair into a pony tail that looks better that most of the chicks. Just because Al Sharpton can rock a questionable style doesn't mean you can do so.

Just a few thoughts that I had while in the night spot tonight.

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